Grand Seven Detroit was started by leadership at HARVEST CHRISTIAN CHURCH in 2013 and named “Build It Detroit” in an effort to restore the neighborhood around the church. It has been relaunched as Grand Seven Detroit (G7D for short), to better reflect our commitment to the neighborhood near the intersection of Grand River and Seven Mile.

G7D is a Michigan non-profit, and tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). It is registered as "Build It Detroit."

In 2017, G7D was awarded $650,000 through the Affordable Housing Program. This money is allotted entirely for 7 homes in the Grand Seven neighborhood. These homes will be fully refurbished and held as rentals as required by the grant. As of Nov. 1, doors and windows are being finished up and families are being interviewed.


Bob King, executive director

Bob has been a part of the Grand Seven neighborhood for decades, serving as senior pastor of Harvest Christian Church near the intersection of Grand River and Seven Mile for 38 years. Ten years ago, Bob began to form a vision for developing the community, which led to the launch of Grand Seven Detroit. He has 4 children and 19 grandchildren.  All four of his children are actively involved in their churches, two of them are also senior pastors.

Don Donnelley, Project Manager

As a retired fire fighter, community service has been a major theme in Don’s life. He began working with Build It Detroit, the precursor organization for Grand Seven Detroit, in January 2014.  He’s the guy in the black Magnum that all the neighbors know so well!

Leigh Fehr, development director

Leigh and his family of 6 served as missionaries to Japan and also coached many other missionaries in raising support. They have been members of Harvest Community Church for ten years and are committed to the city of Detroit. 

Leslie Halliburton, communications director

Recently retired, Leslie worked in Detroit as a Trade Unionist for the UAW International Union as a Coordinator, representing GM hourly workers. A Detroiter all her life, she raised four children who all attended the Detroit Public School System. In 2009 she became a member of Harvest Christian Church. She believes in the city of Detroit and proud to say she lives in the "D."

Don Armstrong, Business Manager

As longtime members of Harvest Christian Church, Don and his wife have been committed to the Grand Seven neighborhood for many years. Don retired from General Motors as a powertrain manager. In addition to managing G7D’s business affairs, he serves on its board.

Nate Stull, Consultant

Nate was the first executive director of G7D when it was known as Build it Detroit. Nate is a real estate lawyer, and brings valuable experience to the acquisition and management of the properties G7D is renovating within the Grand Seven neighborhood.