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The Grand Seven neighborhood is a proud part of the City of Detroit, the Big D. G7D’s area of focus is defined by:

  • Grand River
  • Frisbee
  • Telegraph
  • Five Points

G7D's offices are located at:

Harvest Christian Church
24400 West Seven Mile Road
Detroit, MI 48219



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  • G7D is a Michigan non-profit, and tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).
  • In 2017, G7D was awarded $650,000 through the Affordable Housing Program. This money is allotted entirely for 7 homes in the Grand Seven neighborhood. These homes will be fully refurbished and held as rentals as required by the grant. As of Nov. 1, doors and windows are being finished up and families are being interviewed.
  • Grand 7 Detroit was started by leadership at HARVEST CHRISTIAN CHURCH in 2013 and named “Build It Detroit” in an effort to restore the neighborhood around the church. It has been relaunched as Grand Seven Detroit (G7D for short), to better reflect our commitment to the neighborhood near the intersection of Grand River and Seven Mile.
  • Since 2013, G7D successfully acquired a number of properties on Woodbine, Lenore and Winston streets, between 7 Mile Road and Frisbee. Of these:
    • 3 have been demolished and the lots cleared
    • 11 have been rehabilitated, stabilized, and occupied.
    • 6 (2 of which are triple wide lots) are being used as a neighborhood park. G7D has demolished a house in this area, cleared a lot of land and planted flower beds already.  Plans are in the works to clear the rest of the overgrowth in the park and add a walking path.
    • As noted above, 7 more homes will now be refurbished through the Federal Home Loan grant, bringing the total number of homes affected to 36.

G7D is not simply renovating homes. Our mission is to bring hope, healing, and homes to the Grand Seven Neighborhood. Our “SEVEN KEYS TO NEIGHBORHOOD SUCCESS” describes a holistic approach to community development. In addition to property renewal, G7D runs the following programs for neighborhood residents:

  • Financial Education. All residents of our homes are required to take the dFree class. dFree is a program that teaches people to live free from debt, deficit living, and delinquency.
  • Computer Training. Foundations are in place to have residents of our homes trained in computer literacy.  So much of today’s workforce greatly depends on a basic understanding of technology.  To increase employment rates in the neighborhood, we will train our residents in this area.
  • Interview skills/Resume Writing. Classes to assist community members in obtaining employment will be delivered quarterly. The classes are designed to teach interview skills and resume writing as well as other skills needed to successfully find a targeted job that can provide a living. This program will be taught by a very successful Human Resources Director and can produce life altering results.

G7D is actively seeking partners willing to assist with community investment, economic development, security, ministry, and the rest of the Keys to Neighborhood Success.