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Seven keys to neighborhood success

  1. Homes. People need more than shelter, more than mere houses. They need homes. Houses can become homes, but only when people feel rooted and connected. As the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.” G7D is committed to turn houses and apartments in the Grand River neighborhood into homes by facilitating connection, engagement, and encouraging a loving heart that binds people into families, families to the place, and to other families next door.

  2. Security. That rootedness, connection, and heart weakens when individuals or families feel insecure in their place. Financial pressures, crime, and addictions eat away at the safety and sense of well-being. G7D is committed to helping the Grand River community become a safe and secure place for families to live and grow.

  3. Belonging. A sense of belonging comes from connection to the community and respect between neighbors. G7D will work hard to create and facilitate these connections, cultivating a mutual respect between neighbors that make each feel that the Grand River community is their home.

  4. Services. People can’t feel connected and secure when they lack basic services: places to shop and play, do business and meet their basic human needs. G7D is dedicated to recruiting and encouraging the kinds of commercial, nonprofit, and government services that will allow Grand Seven neighbors to live peaceful and fulfilling lives.

  5. Education. Everyone needs to learn and grow. Children need schools and after-school programs. Adults need specialized training or assistance in meeting life’s challenges. G7D will encourage, facilitate, and provide educational opportunities that serve a wide range of families within this multicultural and multilingual community.

  6. Economy. For families to feel at home, they need stable economic opportunities. While G7D can’t affect the overall national or regional economy, we can and will encourage and support the local economy in the Grand Seven community to help it thrive for everyone.

  7. Church. Jesus said that people do not live on bread alone, but on God’s word. G7D believes that the Church is the most stabilizing and positive influence that families and neighborhoods can have, and will encourage and facilitate a rich spiritual life for all Grand Seven neighbors.